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Your page is now set up! There is no charge from Facebook for maintaining a business page. Now go to ebay.

Selling What CAN'T Be Sold Part 2 - eBay Hack

This page is geared toward buyers. That is an enormous number. Facebook controls who sees your posts. When you post on Facebook only a fraction of your followers see your content. If you have friends only a small handful will see your post. The more your friends like and comment on your content, the more people will see it. The link cannot take shoppers off eBay. Links to Twitter, your Facebook Business page etc are not appropriate. Sellers doing so report an increase in likes for their Facebook Business page.

Click HERE for yours. Many, many sellers are reporting sales of the items they post in this manner. Hi Jen, just click post. This happens periodically. Report it to Facebook. Wait a few days you should be able to post again.

Hi Daniel. It does work. Report it to Facebook, and then try posting with your phone or tablet.Last week we shared the first 4 eBay hacks we used to increase sales, in part two this week we complete our guide on how to increase eBay sales with the following 4 eBay selling hacks, enjoy!

The Big Mac index. Last week I discussed one of the first items we ever sold on eBay, a car gps device. The US has a very developed economy with a huge market.

ebay selling hacks

Competition in the US is fierce, thus driving the prices down. We fell in love with the Australian market Aussie people rock! It amazes me. Two guys from Israel, are selling products in Australia, from a US vendor. What a fascinating world we live in! Do some quick research. Find the products sold on International eBay sites. Take a look at the prices, is it worth getting past some barriers to list in these markets? Buying stuff online is frightening.

While studying our competitors eBay listings, we noticed that they list the content of the box as a text, e. In the Box: 1. GPS device 2. USB Cable 3. Earphones etc…. We did this by presenting the box content in images:. Use images in your eBay description to help them. Try CrazyLister for free!

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Convey trust and authenticity For the first several years on eBay, we constantly tried to hide the fact that we were actually 2 students from Israel.

We even came up with imaginary customer support personnel to try and impress our customers — showing that we have a big team behind the scenes. Retrospectively it was a lot of energy spent in the wrong direction. There is nothing more authentic and trust building than the blunt truth. Analyzing listings created with CrazyLister we noticed this one:.

At the top right corner, the seller added a photo of himself and his family. I would feel completely comfortable buying from him, would you? Showing who you are — example of a good trust indicator for ebay listing. Max and myself. We build trust by showing that we are real people. Remember the video from the previous post? Share photos and videos of your storage, yourself, your staff etc.

Authenticity and truth builds trust, trust grows sales. In the previous post, I mentioned us adding this heading to our listings. This is the best GPS deal on eBay. It is like telling the consumers to jump on the bandwagon!

Everyone else is doing it.An eBay listing hack is just simply any tweak or technique you can apply to a listing that will help your listing get more views on eBay. We wrote a dedicated article on pricing hacks.

Ever see red text and icons randomly appearing while browsing eBay? Red is good! Chances are that these sellers are using the pricing hacks listed in this article.

Proven eBay Tips, Secrets and Hacks

We have compiled a list of all the ways you can get more RED to show up on your listings. See eBay pricing hacks. You do not have to go crazy with these hacks. Remember that most sellers are lazy.

Put in the extra work and it will pay off. Your email address will not be published. Download Checklist. Let's have some fun on eBay. Did you know there is a "Weird Stuff" category on eBay?

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Some people sell Toggle navigation. By just cropping the extra white space around your main photo, you item will look bigger. Just add some subtle contrast to make your photo stand out just that much more than your competitors.

Add a watermark like your brand in the corner. Consider putting in the bottom left. Grab more attention. Branding : Show your brand and logo in your template. You can a nice logo on fiverr. Come up with a catchy phrase. Again you can find someone on fiverr.Share best practices, tips, and insights.

Meet other eBay community members who share your passions.

50 Best eBay Selling Tips & Tricks for Beginners in 2020

After I noticed that the payments never hit my account normally it takes at least until I ship them for the funds to be available I called ebay only to find out all the payments went to some paypal account I've never heard of. To make a long story short, ebay won't help me because they say there's nothing they can do.

Paypal won't help me because there is nothing wrong with my paypal account, and they have no way to link me to the transactions that are between the buyers and the hacker at this point. Anyone have any advice? You got phished and by somneone who was careful enough not to do anything that would normally trigger a message from eBay. Going forward you have to be more careful not to get phished, there are some new phishing emails out there that are not so obviously bogus.

Also some that are really easy to spot such as one I received a few weeks ago that used an eBay message to seller as a template that was in a format eBay hasn't used in about 15 years. There is also usually a gap between the time a hacker obtains your info and the time at which they use, if you change your passwords regularily this will reduce the possibility that the info you give up will still be valid. Thanks for the reply. Any advice on how I might possibly attempt to get my money back?

Ebay simply won't help me. And as I said before, since I'm not a party to the transaction, paypal can't help me even though they have at least made an attempt to help and paypal is convinced ebay can actually do something about it.

Is there anyway to escalate an issue with ebay? I've literallys spent 8 hours on the phone with them today and have gotten nowhere but don't think that I ever actually spoke with supervisor or someone that could actually do something.

While Im very sorry for you, there is no way to get your payments back. Did you not check PP for pending payments before you shipped?

You have learned the hard way to always check your PP account before you ship. I got the notifications from ebay saying the payments had been made and to ship the items and I've sold lots of stuff on ebay with no issue so I didn't think twice or think I needed to check. Never use a link in an email. Go to one of the closed listings, and pretend to relist. Use the "long form" and scroll down to the payments section. See what email address is posted in the box for your PayPal payment.

If it is different from yours, you have a heads up to where the money went. It could very well be that those "you have been paid" emails were phony from the start.

Only from eBay? If eBay sent you a paid notice it was because the buyer completed checkout but eBay didn't know that the funds were redirected to a different PayPal account which can only be done by someone who can log into your eBay account using stolen login info. Skip to main content. Go to My eBay page.

The eBay Community. Sign In Help Guidelines About. Additional Resources. Knowledge Base Get quick answers to important questions to get you selling faster and better!

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Most Popular. Discussions Share best practices, tips, and insights. New to eBay.

12 eBay Selling Tips to Maximize Your Profits

Groups Give support, share information, and connect with fellow members.Very few strategies can be called intuitive, and reading eBay For Dummies will help you get the insider secrets under your belt. The crew at eBay is hard at work simplifying its forms and pages — making them more user friendly. You may find that images that you see online or on your mobile device change from some of those pictured in the book.

Know that the text of the book contains information that you may no longer see on eBay, but is still essential for succeeding with your buying and selling. Here are a few updated tips:. Bolster your buying and selling expertise by understanding these important eBay terms:. Follow these tips to become a successful seller on eBay:.

Leaving feedback on a seller helps future buyers to know who they plan to buy from. You can find a lot of cool eBay tools on CooleBayTools.

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Marsha Collier is the top-selling eBay author and among the world's foremost e-commerce experts and educators. Marsha makes regular appearances on television, radio, and in print to discuss business, e-commerce, and customer service, and blogs at www. Cheat Sheet. Top 3 eBay Cheat Tips The crew at eBay is hard at work simplifying its forms and pages — making them more user friendly. Here are a few updated tips: When writing a description for your item on the listing form, be sure to click Advanced Editing to take advantage of the easy-to-use text formatting tools.

The eBay mobile app has been enhanced with a dizzying array of features. Keep in mind that eBay has made it easier for customers to cancel a purchase. Bolster your buying and selling expertise by understanding these important eBay terms: Reserve price: The minimum price a seller is willing to accept for an item up for auction that is kept secret during bidding.

Setting a reserve price is optional, and only the seller knows what that price is. Starting bid: The lowest acceptable bid for an item, set by the seller. This amount must be determined by the seller and is not kept secret. Starting bid amounts are less than auction reserve prices. Auction Buy It Now: You may have the option of purchasing an auction item when this option appears on the item page. That way the Buy It Now option disappears and you may just win the item at the lower price.

Second Chance Offer : A seller whose reserve price has not been met, or who has more than one of an item after a successful auction, can offer the item s still in stock to runner-up bidders.

You are not required to purchase the item. Follow these tips to become a successful seller on eBay: Answer all eBay messages like questions from prospective bidders and buyers within 24 hours, and when running auctions, check your email hourly before the close. Doing so can pay off in higher last-minute bidding.

Good customer service goes a long way in promoting and building your eBay business. When listing a new item, research it online not just on eBay and be sure that you know its current value and the going price. Before listing, weigh your item and estimate the shipping cost. Refer to the book for money-saving tips.

Double-check to see how many other sellers are selling your item and for how much. When too many people are selling the same item, the price may go down. To encourage bidding in the case of auctions, set the lowest possible starting bid for your item. If someone gives you positive feedback, do reciprocate by giving him or her positive feedback, too.Do you run an eBay business and want to increase your sales on eBay and move products fast?

ebay selling hacks

Quite a lot of items in your home which you no longer use can be worth a lot of money if you decide to put them up for sale on the right platform. But in order to do this you would need to know where and how to sell them off. If you are in search of a side hustle or you have some items lying around that you would like to sell for cash, then eBay may just be the platform for you. The famous auction site, eBay has brought a lot of changes in the way we sell our goods both wanted and unwanted.

You do not have to sell from your car booth again when you can sell them right from the comfort of your home, thanks to the internet. Also, on eBay, there is always a customer that is willing to buy whatever you have to sell. From mobile phones, game consoles, fur coats, cooking utensils to Legos. EBay is an online market place that brings buyers and sellers together to trade on almost anything. The website which was launched in by Pierre Omidyar has over million users today with 25 million of them being sellers.

Increasing the volume of your sale on eBay may sound simple enough in theory, but in reality, it takes a combination of business acumen, psychology among other skills to achieve it. Whether you are a seasoned seller or you are still new to eBay, here are 50 tips and tricks that can help to boost your sales and business on the platform.

People are a lot more willing to buy items that are not new or in perfect condition as long as you are upfront and honest with them. If it has any flaws, you should take a picture of it and include it in the description so that they will check it out for themselves. You should bear in mind that the buyer can ask for their money back if the item appears to be different from what was listed on the website. You should also take you time to examine any item that you want to sell on eBay.

You may be enthusiastic to start right away with selling anything that you can get your hands on, but if you sell a defective item or an item that is missing some crucial parts, you will get bad reviews and ratings which could end your selling career faster than you can imagine.

30+ eBay Listing Hacks You Can Apply Today To Get Better Rankings

Lot of would be sellers think that opening an account and commencing sales right away is the way to go on eBay, but this is not the best strategy. It is most advisable to be a buyer first so that other users of the website can see that you have an eBay history. You can just purchase a few cheap items to get started, pay promptly and then drop a feedback.

After you have built up your eBay presence and have got good buyer ratings, you can then proceed to choosing a username.

ebay selling hacks

Your username is basically the name of your mini business so choose a name that is professional. Usernames like Slaydivalicious will probably not instill trust of your brand in a lot of buyers. You should go for a username that is simple yet professional.Your browser cannot play this video either because javascript is disabled or your browser is not HTML5 compatible. Try Chrome or Firefox. For music retailers, eBay presents another online selling opportunity.

And with new lower rates for guitars and basses, it can be easier to sell these items. The benefit of a business account is that you can start by selling more product. It takes a few days for eBay to process your registration and verify your bank account. You can use the Buy It Now option for auctions, as well. Stoecker mentioned that this is a great option for stale inventory that you want to blow out. When you create your listing, you need to choose the appropriate category for your items.

Stoecker encouraged retailers to fill this in. You can skip it, but it helps with your search engine optimization. A picture is worth a thousand dollars.

You always want to add photographs. Stoecker advised investing in good camera. Use good lighting—natural sun or high-intensity white lighting. And finally, focus! Be completely honest. Include anything notable e. Also, include a serial number—it gives credibility.

Do not include extraneous content. Customers want to hear from you soon, so respond ASAP.

ebay selling hacks

If you have an eBay store, you can list —10, per month with no fee. Enhancing your visibility with subheads, larger fonts and so forth costs more.

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